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As is the case with all other methodologies and their related frameworks, finding realistic and fluff-free Agile knowledge, tested by the fire and proven over the course of the time, is very difficult.

That is why we – after over a decade of Agile practice within the extremely tough and unforgiving domain of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises – decided to share our experience and proven pieces of knowledge with the rest of the world.

Here you see some of our clients, including the Public sector institutions:

If you are looking for softly cushioned rainbow sparkled dream pictures of how nice everything will go for your company once you decide to embark up the road to true Agility, then keep Googling for it, as we will not sugar coat anything here and you would not find that unicorn on this platform.

On the bright side, we would also not take your precious time with untested nonsense that is easy to find elsewhere.

We only need one commitment from you:

If you are going to use this material for your company or your client, use it as crisp and to the point as you will find it here. Do not Chocolate cover it to ruin its core value and tarnish its accuracy and efficiency.

Apart from that, you are good to go!

Arman Kamran (The Agilitizer)

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